Our Name 

A 'Calyx' (ka'-liks) is 'the outer protective covering of a flower.' We chose this name to symbolize an organization that protects and nurtures budding artists, supporting them to bloom to their full potential.

Our Artists

The Calyx directors select up to thirty-five guest artists each day to display and sell their high quality art.  We strive to showcase artists that are new to us as well as artists who have shown with us previously.  You will find all types of art made from all sorts of media in 2-D and 3-D - including painting, drawing, mixed media collage, glass, metal, jewellery, wood, fibre and more!

Our Venue

Calyx has secured a great exhibition space in a central and convenient location with lots of free parking. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit cards and cash. Please join us for our next event!


We believe that artists are the most qualified people to exhibit and sell artwork.  Artists have an intimate understanding of art making, different media, and their specific artwork.

Calyx exhibition and sale events offer numerous advantages for both the art-buying public and the artist:

  • Art-buyers can meet the artists
  • Art-buyers feel good about buying from artists directly, knowing that the artist retains a greater percentage of the purchase price of the artwork
  • Minimal overhead enables the artists to keep costs low and therefore prices of artwork affordable
  • Artists gain direct feedback about their artwork from the art buying public
  • Artists have the opportunity to educate the public about their artwork, discussing their sources of inspiration, and their methods and techniques
  • Artists support each other, working together toward a common goal