October 2017

"Nicely laid out, great assortment of art / price points.  Friendly talented artists!"  Sheryl A

"Very diversified.  Great group of artists."  Lynn B 

"Come every year!  Love it!"  Christa D 

"Love this show/sale."  Alison W

"Back for Day Two!"  Clare S

"WOW!"  Janice T

"Awesome variety and price points.  Love that the artists are here."  Willow W

"Lovely as always!"  Sandra B

"Beautiful!"  McKenzie O


April 2017

"Wonderful. Look forward to this every year. Thank you to artists being available to chat." Elaine F

"Thank you for hosting this show!" Juliet P

"Love your shows!" Margaret J

"Excellent as usual." Syliva H

"Always a great sale!" Danelle G

"I look forward to it each year!" Laura J

"Still an awesome show!" Lorna T

"WOW!" Joan S

"Great show and sale." Rebecca O

"Very colourful :) " Martin I

"Fantastic show!" Penny H


October 2016

"Always fantastic! I've found many gifts (for me and others!) at these shows!" Clare S

"It was great to meet and speak with the artists about their work and inspiration." Caleb A

"Beautiful, as always!" Trudy H

"AMAZING!!!" Jaime F

"Always enjoy it!!" Earl C

"Love this show!" Janet S

"Wonderful work!" Linda B

"It was AWESOME." Victoria A

"Love it!" Lorie B

"Great as always!" Sylvia H

April 2016

"As usual I loved the show and spent too much, but I can't help supporting local artists and filling my world with inspiring creativity." Rhonda K

"An incredible show!" Valerie W

"Awesome as always!" Lorna T

"Great - as usual!" Mary W

"Wonderful - my 1st time." Tatiana K

"Always a pleasure!" Gayle L

"An annual outing for us!!" Earl C

"Good stuff." Darren C

"Fantastic work here!" Shelley B

"Excellent! Love the variety." Shel H


October 2015

"Always a joy to come to." Donna B

"Amazing show. Incredible artists!!!" Jennifer T

"Love coming here. Better quality each year." Donna P

"Always so great." Macela S

"Love your shows!" Mona R

"Never miss a show." Jill R

"Every artist brings their best!" Donna C

"Wonderful, as always!!!" Connie P

"We love it!" Shirley S

"Always fantastic!" Jan B

"Amazing work." Sandy I