We are seeking to present original two and three dimensional artwork including:

  • Drawings, paintings, hand-pulled limited edition prints and collages (we do not accept photographs, digital/computer generated prints, unlimited prints, reproductions)

  • Artwork created from clay, glass, fibre, wood, paper, metal, leather and/or other mixed media (we do not accept assemblage artwork wherein all components are purchased and none are handmade)

To ensure that we present a professional exhibition and sale with a variety of high quality artwork, all submissions will be reviewed  and accepted or declined based upon the following criteria:

  • Design: including originality, creativity and suitability of materials

  • Workmanship: including technical skills and finishing details

  • Function: functional items readily fulfill their intended use

  • Marketability: including product presentation and product pricing

Artists are required to pay a fixed and non-refundable fee of $100 (one hundred dollars) with their application - cheques will only be cashed from artists juried into the show - cheques will be returned to unsuccessful applicants. In addition to the fixed fee, Calyx will retain an amount equal to 20% (twenty percent) of the cumulative sales for each artist.  

Please hand deliver your submission to #202-521-20 Ave SW Calgary between Noon and 4:00 pm on Sunday September 8, 2019.  Mailed submissions must also be received by this date.  Please be advised that you will not be able to drop off your submission at any other time as there is no mail slot/mail box available at the above address.   If you have questions, please call Kellee at 403-305-6708.

New Artists 

Along with your completed application form please include the following in your submission (please note that only your artwork will be returned; your documents will be retained by Calyx):

  • Artist’s Resume - include address, phone number, email address, art education and experience

  • Artist's Statement - describe your sources of inspiration and motivation for making your artwork as well as information on media, technique and process

  • Photographs - hard copy prints of your artwork for inclusion in our Artist Information Binder

  • Images (Optional) - a maximum of 4 images on cd/flash drive/memory stick.

  • Original Artwork one to three representative samples of each style of your original artwork. Please indicate retail price of each.

  • Cheque for $100 Fee made payable to Calyx Distinctive Arts (only cashed upon acceptance into the show)

Returning Artists

  • If you have participated in a Calyx event within the past two years , then please only submit the completed application form and a cheque for $100. Please do not submit artwork for jury.

  • If it has been more than two years since you have participated in a Calyx event, then please submit an application form, new documents, new photos, and a cheque for $100. Please do not submit artwork for jury.

  • If your artwork has changed significantly then please send us a complete new submission including application form, documents, and 1-3 examples of your new artwork, as outlined above for New Artists.

Please do not email your submission