"THANK YOU . . .  I fell in love with the Calyx show. It's an incredible event that the two of you have created . . .  I am very happy with the exposure and feedback that it provided. As well as the opportunity to meet some fantastic artists." 

Deanna Lavoie, Painter

"Thank you both for an amazing day. You two were very patient with me and I enjoyed your show very much . . . You were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for having me." 

Janice Lochhead, Painter

"As a first timer . . . thank you for such a positive experience from day one. Your efforts helped me stay relaxed enough to let things just roll out - I sure had a great day meeting lovely visitors who asked good questions about process and techniques. A lot of laughing for sure . . . can't thank you enough for your intuition to take care of all your artists . . . Thank you both for the legacy you've created, and the steady firm guidance throughout the entire process."                . . . 2 days later . . .              "You are amazing! I came home from work and a little envelope was there from Calyx. I've seen how you both work and your diligence is truly remarkable. You make tired artists perk up, and ready to think about the next show with you. A million thanks Kellee and Carol."
Louise P Chong, Jeweller

"Thank YOU two for all your dedication and hard work organizing this event. You are a dream to work with and thank you for including me in this show. I hope to join you again."

Adele Woolsey, Painter

"Thank you Carol and Kellee for another fantastic Calyx show!  You are an awesome team, so organized and thoughtful. It is a joy to participate in your show.  I was overwhelmed by how quickly my artwork sold - just fantastic."

Anja Hertle, Mosaic Artist

"The "super-sonic speed" in which I received my cheque is amazing. Got it on Wednesday! Thank you so very much! I am always amazed at how smoothly things run. I wasn't expecting this kind of turnout in the spring, but the numbers are a testament to the great reputation Calyx has and ALL the hard work you do behind the scenes. My sales were so much better than I expected. As an artist, it's nice to have that validation. Again, thank you."

Sandra Civitarese, Ceramic Artist

"Thank you so much - it was an awesome day for me given it was my first experience. Both Kellee and Carol are so organized, calm, such wonderful young ladies to work with. You have everything running so smoothly, a joy to be a part of."

Pat Johansen, Painter