Our Next Show Will Be Held on October 21 and 22, 2017

Two Day Event - Different Artists Participating Each Day - 10 am until 4 pm


SATURDAY Wendy Alger, David Barnes, Joyce Boyer, Jacquie Broadfoot, Andy Brooks, Holly Burghardt, Sue Bussoli, Caroline Butler, Christina Callahan, Stephen Capp, Donna Carter, Louise P Chong, Donna Clement, Marina Cooke, Steven Dozois, Elizabeth Ellis Bassett, Hilary Forge, Connie Geerts, Anne Gidluck, Charles Hall, Carol Iwaasa, Maria-Paz Jarpa, Simon Lavigne, Janice Lochhead, Patti McNab, Ashley Oshiro, Jennifer Park, Nancy Penner Dormer, Lisa Schwartz, Brittney Tough, Darren Umbsaar, Brenda Walker, Randall Young         


SUNDAY Prameesha Abeysekera, Laurie Aldridge, Sally Argast, Brenda Banda Johnson, Hellen Beamish, Karen Biko, Deb Bridge, Sandra Civitarese, Linda Duthie, Anne Fetterly, Terri Heinrichs, Finnuala Irwin, Deb Klics, Deanna Lavoie, Suzanne LeBlanc, Kathy Lycka, Cynthia Makara, Karen Makowski, Nicole Martin, Teresa McCallum, David Newton, Tracy Proctor Kelly, Laurie Saukko, Sheila Schaetzle, Sue Scott, Pamela Vickerson, Nancy Walker, Lorrie Warkentin, Jolanta Warpechowska-Gruca, Karyn Joy Williams, Sharon Lynn Williams, Susanah Windrum, Teresa Wyss, Claudia Zakrison

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Come See Us For 2 Entirely Different Shows In One Weekend!

Crescent Height Community Centre

1101 2nd St NW, Calgary, Alberta

There is always a line up of eager art buyers waiting for the doors to open at 10:00 am.  Come early for the best selection . . .  or come later to avoid the crowds . . . there is always lots of great art to choose from!

Free Parking, Free Admission, Free Draw

*** SAVE THE DATES - Spring Show - APRIL 21 & 22, 2018 ***